webservice suggestion

Hi Aidan.

Thanks for your mail - I've forwarded your email to the discuss list.
But to add my comment, we have got one or two new services in the
pipeline that will go a little way to help with this, but I wont say
much more until we have one or two technical issues sorted out :slight_smile:

Aidan Budd wrote:


Hi Jalviewers,

Just a thought - I realise that something I'd really like to be able ot do
with JalView is invoke some protein-family idnetifying webservice on my
sequences (CDD, PFAM, SMART etc.) - I often get handed a bunch of
sequences, and the first thing I want to do is line up equivalent domains
against each other - it would for sure be great to have the PFAM etc.
results visible associated with each of the sequences in the alignment in
this way

Just a thought

Best wishes


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