These terms govern use of the Jalview Discussion forum located at

The Jalview discussion forum is one of several resources provided by the Jalview Open Source project. These terms currently apply only to use of the forum. Please take the time to read this document. We aim to make it simple, clear and inclusive, and is a work in progress. Please contact one of the moderators or core team if you would like to help improve it.

Key Terms

  • You use the forum at your own risk. Like the GPL licenced Jalview software, this forum is provided as is, with no warranties of any kind.
  • Discussions on this forum and its archive are public
  • We can accept no responsibility for links to third party site or content.

Pulic Content and Copyright

  • Jalview Discussion Forum content is published under CC-BY-SA-v4.0
  • By emailing or posting on this forum, you agree to public distribution of your content, and its retention on the forum web site, subject to its acceptance by community moderators and your compliance with the community’s code of conduct.
  • You retain ownership of the copyright of your contribution, but this does not mean the Jalview Open Source Project is obligated to remove content.
  • Your private messages or posts to private areas on the forum will not be publicly disclosed, but your use of these areas remain subject to the code of conduct. We can accept no liability as a result of accidental disclosure but should disclosures occur, we will act in accordance with the code of conduct and address any technical issues that may have allowed this to happen.

Limits of Liability

  • None of the project’s partners, individual contributors or their affiliated organisations are liable for litigation for any reasonably unforeseable outcome due to your activites on this forum.
  • You are liable for violations of law or ethical standards evidenced by your activity. Posts in violation may be omitted from the public record in accord with our Code of Conduct’s enforcement rules.
  • Even if you delete your account, you remain responsible for consequences arising from your activity on this forum that could not be reasonably foreseen.

Your Responsibilities as a forum member

  • Please abide by the code of conduct set out in our FAQ and these terms.
  • Please don’t break the law using this forum.
    • don’t post content that is illegal, offensive or harmful to anyone, their rights, their software or their personal information, or any affilated organisation.
  • Please keep your password secure.
  • Please don’t try to gain access to another person’s account without their consent.
  • Please don’t spoil the use of the forum for anyone else by technical means (e.g. denial of service, exploiting security vulnerabilities).
  • Please don’t help anyone else to violate these terms.

Our Responsibilities

  • Keep any private personal data you provide to us secure on our servers, e.g.
    • your IP addresses
    • logs of your activity
    • your email address (if not already publicly disclosed)
  • Take action should the need arise to address incidents arising from a users action or other event
  • Help maintain the spirit of Jalview’s user community in any way we can


Members who have been found in violation of these terms or our code of conduct may have their account suspended or banned. Notwithstanding the public and permanent nature of this forum, the moderators and admins will remove posts in violation of these terms, and undertake any appropriate action on behalf of others who may be impacted by a member’s posts or messages.

If you have concerns or are subject to the actions of a member breaching the code of conduct, please send a message to one of the moderators or admins. If the member in question is part of this group, please email Prof. Geoff Barton.

History and Changes

We plan to revise these terms of service according to the needs and constraints of the Jalview Open Source project and its community.

These Terms of Service are based on the original Discourse terms of service from July 12, 2018, with input from a number of sources:

These ToS have not yet been ratified - please let us know if you would like to help with that.