Web service

Hi there,
I have updated to Jalview version for MacOS and I have tried both x64 and Aarch64, but I could bot get the webservice to work. There is no error message but none of the alignment with Muscle or T-coffee launched. Is there an ongoing issue with the Web Service? Thanks.

Hi fxcamval,

The web services have been up. There was a user with a similar (though not exactly the same) problem recently and the advice given there is worth trying:

if you don’t get it working with the “Refresh services” button, please do use the Java Console (Tools → Java Console) to copy some logging whilst the refresh is happening and paste it into a reply here so we can have a look.


PS If the aarch64 version launches on your mac then the strong advice is to stick with that version – there shouldn’t be any downsides.