Version 2.0.1 of JABAWS is now available

A new version of JAva Bioinformatics Analysis Web Services (JABAWS) is now available from the JABAWS homepage. This release is compatible with Jalview version 2.8 and other existing JABAWS clients, so existing Jalview Desktop users will not need to do anything to benefit from this new release, but we recommend people with in-house and personal JABAWS servers upgrade as soon as possible.

JABAWS allows users of the Jalview Desktop to access multiple sequence alignment, protein disorder prediction and amino acid conservation analysis programs. Version 2.0.1 of JABAWS addresses some minor problems affecting protein disorder calculations, and also includes a revised set of parameters for AACons. This will allow users of the Jalview Desktop to simultaneously display results for any combination of the 18 conservation calculations provided by the AACons service.

This latest release of JABAWS is also the first made by Sasha Sherstnev in his new role as lead developer of JABAWS, JPred, and other sequence analysis services which together form the “Dundee Resource for Protein Structure Prediction and Sequence Analysis”. These resources are provided by the Barton Group at the University of Dundee, and supported by a Bioinformatics and Biological Resource grant from the BBSRC.