Unused code warnings

Just looking at JAL-1853, I noticed that my workspace showed no warning for unused parameter in AlignmentView

private SequenceI[] getVisibleSeqs(int c)

I tracked this down to ‘Ignore unused parameters documented with @param tag’ being selected in Eclipse preferences.

This gives no warning (as long as the parameter name matches the name in the @param tag!).

I think I’ll untick this. Unused variable warnings are very useful when QA’ing code (would have prevented this bug).

The constructor of this class has a couple!

Thinking broader, I would love to get to the point where the whole codebase shows minimal (and justifiable) warnings (including any code metrics / Checkstyle / Findbugs rules we ever adopt).

A distant dream at the moment I realise.


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I don’t think that having warnings free code is a distant dream, but it does require a concerted effort to address the warnings, since as we’ve all discovered, it is very easy to introduce new problems when merging broadly conflicting changes into feature branches.

What I wouldn’t advocate is the introduction of arbitrary stylistic warnings…


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