SplitPane merge / progress update

Hi Jim,

I have merged from develop to a new branch features/JAL-845splitPaneMergeDevelop (pushed to server).

I sorted most conflicts by taking the develop version, but left in those related to refactoring of AlignedCodonFrame, as needed for a lot of the new code.

Initial regression tests look ok (including save/restore mappings).

I reinstated the seqmappingrefs in StructureSelectionManager (finally understood why they are needed!), just a slightly different implementation (lookup table rather than array), plus unit tests.

Things not yet implemented for ‘Split Pane’ include:

  • following scrolling (I removed the ‘proportional scrolling’ as not the right approach)

  • " hide / reveal of rows / columns

  • " Cut / Paste commands

  • navigate tabs in tandem

  • Expand Views (as split panes)

  • Save / Load project including split panes

  • applet version

  • parsing CDS (or equivalent) annotation for true exon mapping

  • documentation

Is there a priority order? Or just do the lot ;-).

Things that could really do with refactoring (but seem to work for now):

  • ordering sequences by cursor, group by Tree is currently ‘ad hoc’ code

  • in AlignFrame.moveSelectedSequences(), TreeCanvas.mousePressed(),colourGroups()

  • keystroke handling (delegated from SplitFrame key bindings)



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