Hello Jalview users,

It has been a great honour to work on the Jalview Project over the past few
years but my time is now up and I have already moved on so the current Jalview
development team has now halved!

It has especially been good to hear all your praise and suggestions for future
development of Jalview. It is clear that you all find the software very
important to your work with multiple sequence alignments, with all the new
features of the desktop application and web services as well as the extensive
development of the applet for web based alignment display and editing.

The software will remain open source and freely available, it would seem that
some people might have got the wrong impression from the recent questionnaire
added to the launch of the application. The idea was to grab some thoughts on
how to finance future Jalview development, hopefully a solution will be found
in the coming months.

Your comments on the future develpment of Jalview would be greatly appreciated!
Please send them to the usual help at jalview dot org email address.

Its goodbye from me,

Andrew Waterhouse


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