Release notes

Hi Mungo, cc-ing to jalview-dev.

Release note commits are usually associated with the principle issue for each entry in the release notes. I approach this in two ways:

  • individual release note entry at time of a particular issue being addressed
    → commit involving help/html/releaseHistory.html should mention relevant issue.

  • final updates to release notes prior to release.
    → commit is tagged to the ‘release X.Y’ task.
    Just a note on this last step. The final pass of the release process is that I compare the list of issues addressed generated by JIRA’s ‘Release Notes’ on the Version page ( against the set of commits for the release, and add/amend as necessary. There’s often not a 1:1 mapping between an issue’s summary and it’s entry in the release notes, since the latter is written post-implementation, and needs to be at least superficially comprehensible for people not intimately familiar with Jalview development.

hope that helps !

I just created the Release 2.9.0b1 task : JAL-1894


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