release 2.9... nearly there.

I've run out of steam right now.. but we should be able to freeze the branch and send the release notices out mid/late morning today.

Source formatting and organise imports have been done. The only thing that remains is to put GPL3 copyright boilerplate on all files that currently do not have it, and then do a search and replace on the $$Year$$ and $$Version$$ strings in the release 2.9 branch with the appropriate values.

I might get it done before I come in, or I might stay sleeping for a bit longer.


Hi all.

Release_2_9_Branch is now finalised. The source has been forked from develop via the release/JAL-1645_r29 branch, which contains the search and replace updates to license files.

Things are building at the moment. Please take a look and check if all is OK. With any luck the release will go live at around 1pm today.