Register for the Third Jalview Residential Course and Hackathon

Dear jalviewers!

Join us for the third Jalview[1] residential course and hackathon, which will be held from 21-22nd January 2013 at EMBL-EBI in Hinxton, UK.

Registration costs £30 (excluding accommodation), and includes:

  * Comprehensive hands on training to get the most out of the Jalview
  * Lectures on multiple sequence alignment and analysis, and how
    Jalview is used at EMBL-EBI
  * Jalview clinic and Jalview development hackathon
  * Evening dinner at the Red Lion in Hinxton, and lunch and
    refreshments during the course

The residential course offers the opportunity for new users to explore Jalview's capabilities, and experienced users to try out its more advanced features. For the first time, we have added a second day to the program to focus on the Jalview clinic and developer hackathon, when researchers can discuss on their own sequence analysis problems with the Jalview team, and developers can help improve Jalview for their own needs.

See the hands-on training page[2] <> for more information, or go straight to the registration page <>[3].

1. Jalview Web Site:
2. Course page at EMBL-EBI:
3. Direct registration link:

We look forward to meeting you in Hinxton in 2013! Please pass this email on to your colleagues.

Happy Jalviewing,
Jim Procter and Geoff Barton.