References/Connection Problems


I'm trying to use JalView via Web Start, and I think the program has
connection problems.

When I start the program, I get these 2 popup Errors:

1) Error loading Jalview file "Error loading"

2) Preferences Problem
"URLs that could not be contacted:
It may be that you have invalid JABA URLs in your web service preferences.
Go to the Web services tab of the Tools->Preferences dialog box to change them."

But both are default URLs!

Also it seems to me that all JalView tools that try to access outside
sources are not working.
For example I can't load any of the files from URLs mentioned in the
official documentation.
Also Web Service => Fetch DB References seems to take quite some time
to run but doesn't give any kind of result.
And View => Feature Settings => DAS Settings does not give me any
sources, even though the registry URL is the default one (and I can
access it from a browser, so it's up).

Can anyone tell me whether that's a temporary JalView problem or
something I can fix? Like, are there any settings that might be the
culprits? (Or is there a way to reset all JalView Settings at once to
check this?)

Thank you for any help!