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Just because the nice emails should be recorded as well!


Hi Andrew
Just tested out the latest bug fix. And it works! Many many thanks. You
have saved me many frustrated hours in trying to add the annotation by
other means!!


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Hello Gail,

Try the latest bug fix release of Jalview. You should be able to wrap
your alignment and maintain your annotations now!


At 13:29 20/09/2005, Andrew Waterhouse wrote:
>Hello Gail,
>Yes good point. It had been left off the immediate "to do" list, but
>now that you've mentioned it I'm sure we can get in into the next
>bug fix release.
>We'll let you know as soon as its available.
>At 09:19 20/09/2005, you wrote:
>>Dear Andrew You may remember I e-mailed you a few months back about
>>adding annotation to jalview alignments. Now I have done that and
>>generated a lovely alignment. I want to use it for publication but
>>the sequences are quite long and so I would need to wrap the
>>alignment so that it is in several sections. Unfortunately, then I
>>lose the lovely annotations! Is there any way to make a wrapped,
>>annotated alignment and export this in EPS format?
>>Many thanks
>>Gail Hutchinson