The RAP plan is part of our long term strategy.

There is much work to do before then, moving Jalview onto an OSGI platform. We are also interested in creating a pure javascript component using java2script.

I suggest you see the genbank parser through before moving on to any other coding, but if you'd like to read up about the RAP concepts and take a look at the architecture, that would be good.



On Thu Jan 30 07:33:16 2014, David Roldán Martínez wrote:


I've taking a look at RAP (http://eclipse.org/rap). The idea of coding
only once and run the application in different user devices it's
really wonderful. However, my main concern is the availabilty of
third-party library components ready to be integrated in RAP
applications. Apart from RAP Community Forums, I haven't found any
provider or similar. On the other side, other Ajax frameworks (jquery
with/without JSF) have a broader support.

Anyway, I'm ready to learn RAP and start developing. 8) If you create
a RAP Jalview branch, I will start converting the GUI classes into RAP
classes and see what happens. Or do you have another plans?