Problem !

Dear Hélène,

Can you please send me a copy of your alignment and annotation ? I will see what the problem is.

Also, could you please subscribe to the jalview-discuss mailing list ? Other jalview users may be having the same problems as you, and the mailing list is the best way of letting them know about any fixes I provide.

Thanks very much - and I'm sorry that the new version of Jalview has caused you problems!
Jim Procter.


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Problem with Jalview
helene debat <>
Tue, 11 May 2010 10:15:00 +0200

Pour ::

Dear jalview-team,
since 1rst may i have a problem to load features and annotations to my file alignment. Before it was rapidly loaded and now more than 30min are necessary. Can you help me please and say me what is the problem ?
Thank you !
Best regards,

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