Problem opening Jalview

Hi there,

Hope you’re well. I’m having some problems opening Jalview on my Mac computer (OS X 10.10) – I downloaded everything successfully but when I double click the program to open it, the application will pop up in my Dock then disappear again and consequently, nothing will open. I read the troubleshooting advice on your website and found your contact email there.

I also tried following some of your advice, for example opening the package contents in the install-Jalview package that brings up a terminal window with some commands. Here’s what the commands say:

Last login: Tue Jun 21 10:37:22 on console

web023082:~ denakia$ /Applications/Jalview/ ; exit;

unzip: cannot find or open /Applications/Jalview/jre, /Applications/Jalview/ or /Applications/Jalview/jre.ZIP.

chmod: /var/folders/71/ppx4p0cn3ls6gc4yvzsjm9sr0000gn/T//IA-981900304/IA-981900304/jre/bin/: No such file or directory

chmod: /var/folders/71/ppx4p0cn3ls6gc4yvzsjm9sr0000gn/T//IA-981900304/IA-981900304/jre/lib/: No such file or directory

sh: /var/folders/71/ppx4p0cn3ls6gc4yvzsjm9sr0000gn/T//IA-981900304/IA-981900304/jre/bin/java: No such file or directory


[Process completed]

If you could help me out, I’d really appreciate it!

Best Regards,