Problem downloading Jalview data

Hi Elke,

Thanks for your email. Indeed you are right, the Jalview applet provided
by Jpred is blocked. This is caused by Java changing it's security
policies in the current version in the light of recent, high profile
security vulnerabilities.

Jalview has been updated to deal with this situation, but the version
provided by Jpred is not the most recent and is being blocked by the
improved security policies.

I'll update the applet asap.

In the meantime you can view the results in the Jalview desktop
application manually. Click the 'see data' link on the Jpred results page,
copy the file ending in .concise to your local machine and then open in

Many thanks for reporting this.Regards,



Dr Chris Cole
Jpred Admin
College of Life Sciences
University of Dundee


On 29/04/2014 16:00, "Elke Baumann" <> wrote:


I am not able to download or open the Jalview file of my structure
predictions. I have been using Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer but
all three browsers block the downloading due to saftey issues. Can you
tell me what security settings I have to change to be able to download it?

Elke Baumann

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