Please help with Jalview funding renewal

Jalview is made freely available to all thanks to a grant from the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). This funds Jalview development, training courses, website, back-end servers and email support. We are currently seeking renewal of this grant and letters of support are critical to the success of this renewal. If you find Jalview useful, please take a few minutes to write as soon as possible and tell us how you use Jalview and how important it is to your work! If you use Jalview in research work, a letter of support might describe recent work you have used Jalview in and include any publications as a list while for teaching/training activities a list of courses/numbers of students would be valuable in making our case for continued funding. Please send your letters of support as soon as possible to: Thank you in advance for your help. Geoff Barton and Jim Procter.