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Could you tell me what java is Jalview being run with and what window manager you are using ?


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Dear Jim,

Additionally, with the installation of the last version of Jalview on my
Ubuntu 11.10, I get a “blured” alignment when I try to slide the windows
and see different parts of the alignment.

Is there any way to overcome this problem?



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Jim Procter said the following on 28/11/11 16:42:

Hello Fabian.

On 28/11/2011 14:00, Fabian Glaser wrote:

I am new to the list, so forgive me if this a repetitive topic.

I would like to color the result of the PCA analysis but not by the
clusters selected with a tree, I would like to color selected points
on the PCA with specific colors.

Is that possible with Jalview?
It is - but only just :slight_smile: The graphical interface doesn’t really have
any controls for doing this within the program. Something that we hope
to fix in a future release.

The simplest way is to prepare an annotations file that creates a group
for each sequence in the alignment and assigns it a colour. The
annotation file has a tab-delimited structure, and its format is
described here:

For example, to assign colours to three sequences ‘FER1_MESCR’,



Note - the '\t’s need to be replaced with tab symbols!


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