New Jalview Test installer available !

Hi Jalview Beta Testers!

We are working on an updated set of installers for Jalview - we’d appreciate it if you could try them out !

Download via the links below:




OSX Monterey 12.2.1

When I first ran the Jalview test file and selected add to dock, it went nuts and opened all my closed windows.
Jalview-test itself seems to run fine after this though…

I had tried to disable the OSX installer screen - clearly that patch didn’t work ! @ben_soares - I thought this would work but apparently not !

It should work. It does unset the checkbox if you view the created install4j file in install4j9, however this seems to be ignored and the resulting app does run the chosen (greyed out) setup application.
I’ve pushed another change to build.gradle (where the attribute and the setupAppId attribute are both removed entirely) which does seem to work.

I did try this with the setup app running. It didn’t blow me up! (Big Sur 11.2.1)
I did notice though that the Java 11 version was not launching, which needs some investigation. This is with the newest JREs downloaded.