Meet on Thursday?

Hi Lauren - sorry I didn't reply this morning, I've finally got to the next apartment, and am settling down with a good internet connection again.

I definitely have time to meet tomorrow. We could meet around 10am ?

Do you think that storing the helix number as the "featuregroup" member of a SequenceFeature is good? That's what I have right now, but a possible downside of this is that the "featuregroup" is a string. I thought about storing the helix number as the "score" member, but I wasn't sure if this might interfere with other processing that is already in place.

Well - you need to think a bit about how the sequence feature object's attributes are usually used. 'Score' is used to shade the sequence feature according to its value - currently by linearly scaling between a minimum and maximum colour. Feature group is currently used to control visibility in the feature settings - i.e. the same value groups a whole bunch of features. So, I guess, the group is the logical attribute, since score might be used for indicating strength, or type of pairing. What do you think ?

Can you remind me again where in the code I should look to change the rendering of the WUSS notation?

The annotationPanel does the annotation row rendering, and you need to look for the draw<something> functions that are called by the paint(Graphics g) method - remember that the paint(..) method is the one that Swing calls to ask a gui component to redraw its contents.



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