Jalview RNAAliFold service entry [was Re: Jalview query]

Hello Devinder.

Thanks for your email. I've cc'ed this to jalview-discuss in case others have had this problem today, too.

I am using jalview on windows OS. Earlier when I opened multiple sequence alignment file in it, under drop-down window of web service, in secondary structure prediction it showed an option of folding by RNAali fold (package from Vienna s/w), the same was not showing from today since morning.

Jalview only enables the RNAAliFold option if you are working with RNA sequences, but it should still be shown. You could try opening the Jalview preferences dialog (Desktop Menu -> Tools -> Preferences) and selecting the 'Web services' tab, then hit 'Refresh' to tell Jalview to refresh its list of web services.

Let me know if that helps!


On 23/04/2015 14:07, Devinder Kaur wrote:

Hi Devinder.

Many thanks for replying. I figured it out. Problem was with updation of Java. As soon as I updated,
I got all the drop-down windows active.

That’s great to hear!

Happy Jalviewing,


On 25/04/2015 11:45, Devinder Kaur wrote: