jalview questions

Hi Simren.

I've cc'ed your email to the jalview-discuss list - this is the usual place for all things jalview related.

Simren Mehta wrote:

sequence id. I am using mac osx tiger -maybe this is a function of not having a
right click on the mac -although it is not working with the apple/control/shift
keys. How can i add this annotation?

It sounds like you are not command-clicking in the annotation area. You need to first add a new annotation row below the alignment, then select a range of columns and right click to add new annotation. Annotation is only shown below the alignment, ie command-click on the 'consensus' row to get the menu for creating a new row, and then command-click to the right to open the menu for creating secondary structure symbols.

2) If i want to show residue numbering that corresponds to a specific sequence
from my msa (not just numbers base on the whole msa) how can i do this? If i
wanted to show 2 sets of numbering based on different sequences, one above the
alignment and one below it, is this possible?

This isn't possible, currently. We have had a number of requests for this, and it is on our TODO list, but we have not - as yet - implemented it - hopefully we will soon!

thanks for the email - hope it helps!


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