Jalview down?

HI Jon,
That's great - I'm glad Jim could sort it out in time for the course. Fantastic news that you have so many students attending!
All the best,


On 13/12/2012 09:41, "Jon K. Lærdahl" wrote:

As far as I can see, everything is perfectly ok now.

Thanks a lot!


PS. The 40 students at my course, mainly molecular biologists at MSc and PhD level, all enjoyed using Jalview and found it quite impressive. I believe they will become frequent users of Jalview in the future :slight_smile:

On 13.12.2012 09:31, "Jon K. Lærdahl" wrote:

Dear Jalview Developers,
thank you for an extremely useful and important tool :slight_smile:

If I haven't misunderstood something important, Jalview (at
http://www.jalview.org) has now been down for nearly 14 hours.

Will it be up again soon?

I have 40 students wanting to use Jalview today as a part of this course:


All the best,
Jon Laerdahl

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Subject: Jalview down?
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 20:01:24 +0100
From: "Jon K. Lærdahl" <jonkl@medisin.uio.no>
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To: Jim Procter <jprocter@compbio.dundee.ac.uk>
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Jalview appears to be down. None of the links on the page
http://www.jalview.org are ok.

Clicking "Launch Jalview Desktop" gives

Page not found
The requested page "/webstart/jalview.jnlp" could not be found.

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