Jalview 2.9 now available !

Dear All.

It's my pleasure to let you know that Jalview version 2.9 is now ready for its close up at http://www.jalview.org.

In addition to a staggering number of bug-fixes and improvements, this major release brings new key capabilities for:

- Interactive protein alignment analysis at peptide and cDNA level
- Discovery and retrieval of 3D Structure Data with the EMBL-EBI PDBe search API
- Publishing and exchange of data and visualisations on the Web
- UCSF Chimera and VARNA session storage in Jalview Projects
- Secondary structure prediction with Jpred4

For the full story, please check out the new version's release notes and documentation at www.jalview.org. We'll look forward seeing your questions and bug-reports on the mailing lists, and our bug-tracker !

Jalview 2.9 is the first major release for our Wellcome and BBSRC funded team. In addition to the core Jalview developers - Mungo Carstairs, and Tochukwu 'Charles' Ofoegbu, who've worked very hard to make this new release happen, I'd also like to thank Swanand Gore, Jose Dana, and Sameer Velankar of the EMBL-EBI PDBe for all their help getting the PDBe BioSOLR search API ready for prime-time. It's also been a busy time for our outreach officer, Suzanne Duce, and our Summer intern, Dmitrijs Finkelberg, who created two new films about Jalview that are now available on our youtube channel.

Now that version 2.9 has been released, we will soon be announcing new training course dates. Please get in contact if you'd like to host us at your institution.

All the best, and Happy Jalviewing!
Jim Procter.