Jalview 2.5 release - annotation file parsing: calling for beta-testers

Hello All.

This call for testers is for people who use JalviewLite on their website to visualize annotated alignments, or are otherwise actively generating or using Jalview annotation files in their work.

I hope to release Jalview 2.5 early next week, and this version includes a more strict implementation of the Jalview annotation file format. Previous implementations of the format in Jalview were somewhat slack - in particular, Jalview could generate annotation internally that could not be faithfully exported and re-imported (particularly for histograms with both symbols and tooltips).

The candidate 2.5 version of Jalview Lite and Jalview desktop is available here:

If you have time to test either the applet or application with your own files, I would very much appreciate it.


ps. I know that there should be a unit test to do all this - but the ambiguities in the original parser were such that it would be difficult to discriminate failures from 'successful but different interpretations' of the annotation files.



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