Jalview 2.5.1 release 16th June 2010

Dear Jalviewers

I'm very pleased to announce the release of Jalview 2.5.1.

This is primarily a bug fix release for the 2.5 branch, and resolves the following issues:
   * user interface bugs related to highlighting and copying regions with hidden columns
   * corrected ClustalX colourscheme that reflects dominance of both D and E in an an alignment equally
   * improved stockholm and PDB parser to cope with RNA structures and alignments imported from RFAM
   * re-instated CSV export of consensus sequence and percentage of consensus symbol at each position
   * interactive selection in trees via group annotation
   * Patches for GUI appearance on Mac OSX
   * Jalview console slows sequence feature import, even when not open.

Full details are available from the Jalview release history at http://www.jalview.org/releaseHistory.html#Jalview2.5.1

This will be the last release made on the 2.5 branch. The 2.6 branch, which will include new jalview web services, and an updated version of Jmol, will be released in early July.

Happy Jalviewing!
Jim Procter.


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