Jalview 2.4 Release

Hello Jalviewers.

On behalf of the Jalview team, I am pleased to inform you that after a
rather prolonged testing period, Jalview 2.4 is now released.

This release includes fixes for many minor bugs, and includes a variety
of improvements, including new features for working with DAS sequence
sources, EMBL coding regions, and also support for the VAMSAS
interoperation framework (which is still experimental - see the built in

The new release details are here :

The Jalview website has also been updated. The Applet API page has been
extended with more API use examples, and we have added a version archive
which includes details of the automated builds at

Finally, we now ask that instead of emailing the help address at
jalview.org, you forward all bugs and help requests to the discussion
list - where they can be dealt with by the first person who knows the

Happy Jalviewing!

Jim Procter.
(for The Jalview Team)


J. B. Procter (ENFIN/VAMSAS) Barton Bioinformatics Research Group
www.jalview.org http://www.compbio.dundee.ac.uk
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