Jalview 2.2.1

Hello all Jalview users,

The first Jalview release of 2007 should be available soon.

This is mainly a bug fix release, fixing various image output, annotation input/output bugs which have been reported since Jalview 2.2.

A critical bug was pointed where the applet fails and crashes the web browser for certain Linux OS using Java 1.6. The problem was due to a font library loading issue in Java 1.6 for the main menu bar. This issue has been resolved in the latest applet.

As well as the bug fixes there are a few new features added in the new version:

Non standard characters can be read and displayed ( big cheers! )

Annotations/features can be loaded/exported from the applet via the textbox.

The applet allows the editing of sequence names, annotation names and group names.

Several new public methods are available for the applet to import/export annotations, features and alignments.

A new Preference setting in the main application to display sequence name font as italic or not

The annotation file format has been extended to allow Sequence_groups to be defined.

Bye for now,

The Jalview Team.