Jalview release and workshop next week

Dear Jalviewers,

We’re emailing to let you know about what’s been happening over at www.jalview.org.

The big news is that the latest release of Jalview - Version is now available!

In addition to some great new features, this release includes important fixes for the Jalview Desktop installations on Unix, Windows and OSX. Unfortunately, these fixes can’t be automatically installed through Jalview’s automatic update mechanism, so whilst your Jalview installation may already have updated itself to version, we recommend you also download and install the latest Jalview Application installation for your platform at https://www.jalview.org/download

Jalview is the first release in the 2.11.1 series, and introduces ‘Virtual Features’, which allow sequence features visible on aligned coding sequences or proteins shown in a linked CDS/Protein view to be overlaid on the coding or product view. For full details of improvements and bug fixes, please see https://www.jalview.org/development/release-history/Jalview-21110

** Sign up for the first Online Jalview Training Workshop next week **

If you or someone you know would like to learn how to use Jalview’s latest features, there are a limited number of places available for this month’s Jalview online workshop - which takes place from 29th April - 1st May. For details see https://genomics.ed.ac.uk/services/investigating-structure-and-function-proteins-rna-and-dna-using-jalview or Jalview’s training page at https://www.jalview.org/training

Stay safe, and happy Jalviewing !

Jim Procter on behalf of Ben, Mungo, Suzanne, and Geoff.

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