Jalview 2.10.4 is now available on www.jalview.org

Dear Jalviewers!

Mungo, Geoff, Suzanne and I are pleased to announce that Jalview 2.10.4
is now available.

This minor release includes a number of critical patches to Jalview's
web service clients, sequence-to 3D structure mapping code and
CDS/Protein cross-referencing system. It also fixes critical GUI and
scroll-pad issues for Mac users running the latest versions of Java
(1.8u173, 9.x and 10.x).

New options are provided for opening/adding structures to views in the
Structure Chooser dialog, and a more efficient rendering pipeline that
makes it easier to work with large alignments involving lots of hidden
columns and sequence features.

See the Jalview 2.10.4 Release Notes
(http://www.jalview.org/development/release-history/Jalview-2104) for
full details, and let us know how you get on !

Happy Jalviewing,

PS. The bioconda release will be available next week, but please get in
contact if you need it earlier.


Dr JB Procter, Jalview Coordinator, The Barton Group
Division of Computational Biology, School of Life Sciences
University of Dundee, Dundee DD1 5EH, UK.
+44 1382 388734 | www.jalview.org | www.compbio.dundee.ac.uk