Jalview 2.1

Hello there Jalview Users,

This is an pre-release message just to let you know that the next release of Jalview should be available within the next 2 weeks.

We are nearing the end of coding time, and will spend some time updating all the documentation before the new release.

The new features in the Jalview 2.1 will be:

   * MAFFT Multiple Alignment in default Web Service list
   * DAS Feature fetching
   * Hidden Sequences, Hidden Columns
   * Annotation / Features export
   * GFF file reading / writing
   * Add sequences to existing alignment
   * Wrap alignment as a preference
   * Recently opened files / URL lists
   * Associate structures with sequences from local PDB files
   * Applet can launch the full application
   * Applet has transparency for features
   * Applet has user defined colours

Issues resolved:
  * Redundancy Panel reinstalled in the Applet version
  * Monospaced font - EPS / rescaling bug fixed
  * Annotation files with sequence references bug fixed

Bye for now,