[ i18n embl 2.8.1 ] Re: and I keep being alive

No problem. I’m still catching up on my backlog for 2.8.1 and have plenty of other pressing deadlines.

Just for the record, I owe you:

  • certificates/badges for your translators
  • code review for the EMBL parser

There is one self contained task you could do:

You mentioned you’d put together a script for catching i18n message handle mistakes. You might consider commiting it to /utils/ via http://issues.jalview.org/browse/JAL-1424



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…but I’ve got a lot of work now. Impossible to find a slot to meet with somebody.

If you have well-defined tasks, it will be a pleasure to try to work on them but, within a short-term period (I hope it to be short), I’m going to be very busy at office-hours, though I would be able to meet at nights.






On Thu Feb 27 14:06:35 2014, David Roldán Martínez wrote:

I'll make the commit when the script would be finished. I have found
some examples but they need to be adapted. :frowning:

things are never as straight forward as they ought :slight_smile:

Once you've done the commit, I'm happy to test drive and integrate it with Jalview's ant build.

ps. I'm now merging all new Jalview_2_8_1_Branch commits into Jalview_2_8_1_Branch_i18n so remember to keep pulling regularly!