I signed up for this maillist Jalview and I was rejected in my post

Hi Barry.

Regarding your rejected post - have you confirmed your subscription to jalview-discuss ? You need to activate your subscription before you can post to the list (you should have received an email with a URL that will take you to the confirmation page).

I am trying to associate sequences with my own pdb files. I make the association,

OK. Once associated, you should be able to view the structure via the View Structure submenu of the sequence popup menu.

but the sequence does not remain associated.

In Jalview 2.4, the association only stays with the sequence in that alignment, and any other alignments that you might copy and paste that seuqence in to. This means, if you load another alignment containing the same sequence, you'll have to reassociate the PDB file. Also, the associations can only be saved Jalview project file (and the modeller PIR). So if you reload the same alignment from a flat file (such as FASTA), you'll similarly have to remake the association.

Is any of the above what you are experiencing ?

>I am

running snow leopard on OSX.

Thanks for letting me know. If you get the chance, please test the development version of Jalview (see http://www.jalview.org/versions.html) on snow leapard!



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