help with removing unwanted annotation & text colour from alignment image

ah - I realise now - you are in 'Wrapped mode' - uncheck the Format->Wrap option, and then you can access the menu!



On Fri Mar 15 14:20:32 2013, Zhang, Lingrui wrote:

Hello Jim,

Sorry, it does not work.

I used Jalview 2.8 through webstar. That is, I open the Jalview 2. 8
via clicking *launch the Jalview Desktop
<>*, on the website

When I right-click on the 'Quality' row label, there will be three
choice: AT4G18940, Structure, and Hide sequences (see below), which
are all used to edit the sequence AT4G18940, not to hide the quality.
In other word, I cannot click the quality row label.

I very need your further guidance.