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My work has focused on the defense responses of plants to microbial pathgens, and on bioinformatics. I was one of the principal investigators for the Genome Canada Bioinformatics platform from 2004 - 2011, and have had collaborations involving genomics and transcriptomics and machine learning.
I have been a long time user of Jalview. It is worth noting that Jalview is included with the BIRCH system, a comprehensive collection of popular bioinformatics tools unified through the BioLegato family of graphic interfaces.

BIRCH 3.80 features improvements to
*BLAST searches
*multiple sequence alignment and phylogeny
*expanded tools for pre-processing of NGS sequencing reads

The tutorial Multiple sequence alignments shows how Jalview integrates seamlessly with BioLegato applications.

See BIRCH in action at BIRCH Bioinformatics - YouTube


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the introduction and letting the list know how you use Jalview and for letting us know about BIRCH. It is great to see Jalview in this powerful facility.

All the best,