Gradle builds within Eclipse

Hi all,

I’ve made a concerted first attempt at replacing the ant build with gradle building within Eclipse.
Check out branch (I recommend you do this in a different repo dir than your usual, in case eclipse gets confused)


and in Eclipse go to File->Import… Gradle/Existing Gradle Project [Next >] [Next >], enter the Project root directory, [Finish], cross fingers
to have a go. You may need to install the Eclipse plugin Bbuildship Gradle Integration 3.0" first, but with some luck Eclipse will suggest this when you import.

As usual, the documentation was a bit scattered, and also not unusually it didn’t seem to be as straightforward as the scattered documentation suggested. Not only is the Eclipse gradle plugin required, but a Gradle eclipse plugin is also needed…

To run a specific task, go to the “Gradle Tasks” tab in the pane that sits at the bottom right of my Eclipse window (use your Eclipse window though), and find it in either the build or distribution folders.

From what little I’ve seen so far, I’m not sure it’s going to match the integration with ant, but we’ll see.

Two things that still need to be done:

  1. test dir not happy. It needs to be happy.
  2. Formatting. I made a new eclipse project file so have not yet configured it to reformat files in the same way. I suspect it would be easy to copy configuration from old project file to new, but haven’t looked yet. Any pointers welcome.

There’s an issue JAL-3225 I’m keeping updated.



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