Export overview window (Thomas Rensch)

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the rapid response.

Yes I think a first stage would be a simple export with size parameters would be wonderful. The overview is a very nice view, especially when coloured, to show large alignments.

A nice further extension would be to be able to add more things to the Overview window such as annotation tracks at the bottom for example and the alignment tree on the left (I think Albert mentions this also).

But these things can be done in another graphic design type software for now.

How complicated would the simple export option be to code? In what sort of timeline do you think this is feasible?



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Hi Thomas

On 26/01/2015 15:37, Thomas Rensch wrote:

I was wondering if it was possible to export the overview window directly to PNG to create full genome alignement figures ?

Well done for digging out Albert's question. We actually kind of faded
out on that conversation - he found a workflow that worked at the time,
and I drafted a new feature request about making it easier for people in
the future.

What kind of export would you like ? A simple 'write as PNG' is
certainly feasible, but the way the overview window works is that it
takes samples the alignment according to the number of pixels in the
image being rendered (e.g. if you make the overview window bigger, more
detail is rendered in the overview figure). That means you might want to
set the width and height too.

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