Error retrieving data

In trying to load the CAG46711 sequence for HbS, an error notice occurs that it can’t load the data sequence. It also can’t load the example query either. Would appreciate some guidance if possible!

Hi !

The Web based JalviewJS doesn’t work with the EMBL database right now - but there’ll be a new version uploaded to the website this week that will work.

As a fallback perhaps try the HbS exercises which load project files (exercise 7 and 8: ?

Hi Rosalind, Exercise 8 (Project 4) is working and gives the same result as the Advanced Exercise 2. Exercise 8 loads a Jalview project file, rather than loading the CAG46711 sequence from the EMBL CDS public database. Thank you for drawing this to our attention. Hopefully, it will be working in the next few days. Suzanne