Error - Jmol associated .pdb files

Hi Jim,

I’m trying to view the structure of some sequences, but when Jmol tries to open the associated .pdb files - it’s not able to locate them. The same as reported in this message

from what i’ve seen it seems that “” used by Windows is misinterpreted and recognized as “delete the character that follows me” thus it is not able to locate where the .pdb file is stored. I attempted to move all the .pdb files directly to C: to make it easier to locate them. It works, but when i save the project and i reopen it, Jmol looks for a temporary file and it is not able to locate it [as the same “” problem is kept], i’ don’t know i’m not an informatic

it happens in both Jalview 2.6, 2.7 and Development Branch [i downloaded the .jnlp from one of your previous messages]

i’m using Windows XP

best regards,


Hi Fabio.

I’m sorry that you’ve hit this bug - I’m hoping to fix it very soon. If you’d like to register on our bug tracker, you can add a watch to the bug ( ) so you’ll be notified when I get around to fixing it.