ECCB/ISMB 2021 - Jalview Birds of A Feather

Hi !

This is of most interest to folk in virtual attendance of ISMB/ECCB. We’ve called a “Jalview Birds of a Feather” that will take place on Wednesday afternoon from 15.20-16.20 UTC (link to the showcare app Log In ‹ #ISMBECCB21).

The BoF will be very informal - we’ll come prepared to show off the latest developments in Jalview 2.11.2. and Jalview 2.12 (which includes the new Slivka Web services system), talk about our schools outreach activities, and it will also be an opportunity for you to let us know about how you are using Jalview, and what you’d like to see happen (or not !) in the future.

If you are not attending ISMB then it’s probably not going to be possible to bring you in to the virtual platform, but if you’d like to take part in a future jalview gathering online* please let us know, and we’ll plan one in the next month or two.

Have a great evening/day!
* PS - the Jalview developers meet weekly over jitsi (an open videoconferencing platform) every Tuesday around 2.30pm Edinburgh time. Please say hello over at our gitter discussion forum if you’d like to join in!