Bob's Week 1 report

Week 1 status report:

  • Jalview Application is opening as a “desktop” in browsers.
  • Bypasses web services start-up
  • No special handling required – just access using Info.main=“jalview/bin/Jalview”
    (that is, site/jalview_bin_Jalview.html
  • JDesktop and JInternalFrame implemented (mostly)
    (uses a Swing modification that has JInternalFrame extend JFrame instead of JComponent,
    and Windows extend JComponent instead of Container)
  • Allows for multiple alignment frames as JInternalFrames
  • Menus are properly showing disabled items shaded out
  • Asynchronous gui-modal dialog tested as Desktop…File…Input Alignment…From URL
    (involves simple adjustments to dialog calling; works, but editable JComboBox needs to be implemented)

Next up:

  • Duplicate method for other dialogs (Mungo?)
  • Code editable JComboBox HTML5 GUI (Bob)
  • Finalize JInternalFrame implementation (Bob)
  • Fix additional missing GUI pieces (Bob)
  • Add more third-party components (Bob?)
  • Consider a servier-side startup package for Jalview? (Jim)


Chrome/Windows - multiple frames, with an asynchronous GUI-modal dialog


Robert M. Hanson
Professor of Chemistry
St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN

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