Announcing our new jalview discussion forum

Dear Jalview-announce mailing list subscriber,

This email is the last post you will receive from our aging mailman powered email lists - but don’t panic !

We hope you’ll agree that the jalview-discuss, jalview-developers, and jalview-announce email lists have served us (mostly) well since their creation back in 2005. But, email lists have their limitations, and it is now time to move to a modern web-based forum fit for 2021.

To take a look, head over to

Discourse is one of the leading open source platforms for community discussion. It acts as both web forum and mailing list, so if you prefer to continue your discussions with the worldwide Jalview community over email, you can do that too. However, we also hope you discover the many excellent features offered by discourse’s web interface, including push notifications, and a powerful search facility covering the entire Jalview email list archives.

The new Jalview Discourse is publicly viewable, but only people registered on the system can post. A new account is already ready and waiting for you, and once we’ve done some final checks, we’ll send you a welcome email with instructions on how to log in and start using the forum.

If you dont receive a welcome email within 48 hours then please create a new account at and send an email to to let us know which of your emails we should associate with your account.

See you over at Discourse !

Best wishes,

Geoff, Jim, Suzanne, Ben, Mateusz and Bob (the Jalview Team)