Alpha testing of Jalview 2.8.1 with RNAAliFold and new alignment methods in JABAWS 2.1

Hi all.

This summer has been quietly busy over at We had a summer student - Dan Barton - who integrated RNAalifold into JABAWS and Jalview, and Jalview got a new community developer, David Roldán Martínez, who has taken on the slightly scary task of internationalizing the Jalview user interface.

We also have a new 'alpha'-to-'beta' release build of Jalview, which will hopefully help us catch serious bloopers from the development branch before they hit the final release branch. Please bear in mind, this is an alpha build branch - most of the documentation is not yet finished!

You can try out the 'next release' jalview desktop here:

1G Webstart:

2G Webstart

When you launch Jalview, you'll also need to configure it to talk to the new JABAWS test server. Just open the Web Services tab in the preferences panel, double click the default JABAWS URL and change it to the following:

Things to test with the new server:
  * RNAalifold - provides dynamically updated secondary structure predictions for the current alignment.
  * New alignment methods - GLprobs and MSAprobs.

Feedback welcome here, or over at