a small bug in ClustalX colouring scheeme

Dear Jalview team,

May I suggest that there is a small bug in the Clustalx colouring scheeme, - and, if I’m not wrong, it comes from the original Clustalx team (as I know it was there when they made it, - and I corrected my own coding scheeme for my running version). Anyway, - it is as follows:

In columns with conserved (major) Asp (D), Glu’s doesn’t get coloured (which they should; negatives!). The reverse situation is ok (i.e. D’s in columns with conserved/major E’s DO get coloured.

I include a snapshot from my alignment at hand, - but you really don’t need any sample, as any D/E-rich alignment with reveal this.





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Dear Rein.

I had noticed this behaviour myself, but when I compared it to ClustalX’s default, I saw the same behaviour and assumed it was simply a minor quirk of the default ruleset. Its clearly inconsistent, so I’ll add this to my list of minor bugs to fix.


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