A Jalview question

Hello Hoky,

I have several protein sequences aligned, and got some intriguing
annotations, including secondary structure. Now, I would like to save
this file to a EPS format, so I could look at the file in powerpoint
or illustrator/photoshop.
As the view is too big, I need to make the alignment and annotations
smaller by view/wrap. However, after wrap, I cannot see annotation
Am I doing something wrong or is there any other option I am not familiar with.
I would like to thank you in advance for helping this issue.

I think I know what the problem may be. When in wrap mode, the annotation panel height is fixed and you cannot scroll it up or down to reveal the rows off the top and bottom of the screen. To change the amount of annotation shown, move the mouse over the top left corner of the annotation panel when *not* in wrapped mode, and click and drag when you see the adjustment symbol appear.

It often happens that when you have many sequences, there is not enough room to show both sequence and annotation on the screen, in this case, you should consider hiding some of the sequences to make it easier to see the key annotation in your EPS file.

Hope this helps!


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