windows error 2 occurred while loading the Java VM

I have just installed the Windows Pure 64-bit Jalview package (including VM) on a Windows 7 machine using all of the defaults in the installation. When I try to run the program, I get the Windows error 2 of the subject line. When I try to uninstall Jalview, I get the same error. Has anyone come across (and, preferably, solved) this error?


Hi Joel. You're the first person to post about Windows error 2 - thanks for reporting this! I just checked and get the same problem on my w7 machine.

In my test, I noticed that even though I installed the 'With VM' version, the installer only actually installed Jalview, not the bundled VM, because I already have a working Java installation somewhere in the windows system registry. My guess is that the Windows 2 error (a.k.a. "file/library not found") is due to the Jalview launcher not finding that existing Java install.

I suspect you have the same problem (particularly if your Jalview installation directory is only around 31MB in size!).

If you do then just install the 'NoVM' version:

I found that the the Jalview installation this produced works fine.