VARNA 2.92 bugs - any chance of a quick patch ?

Hi Yann - I hope you’re enjoying Vancouver summer !

Mungo, who’s been working on integrating VARNA further with Jalview’s project model has hit some bugs with the XML export/import system.

We were working with v2.91, and discovered that exhibited a slightly annoying problem that the drawMode wasn’t restored on loading an XML session back into VARNA. Full notes and probable diagnosis are here.

The second - more serious problem is that when we updated our VARNA instance to v2.92, we discovered that VARNA v2.92 cannot re-import VARNA session files that v2.92 created (even though v2.91 files read back in fine…). Again, notes and diagnosis is here

Hope you can help - we’re working on having the next major release of Jalview properly saving/loading VARNA sessions. If nothing can be done, we’ll have to stick with v2.91 and leave it as a known bug, which would be a bit of a shame.

Hear from you soon!