Special class for constants

To the list again..

Most definitely needed, only probably a number of constants classes to
reflect the scope of their use.

So not one but many 'constant' classes. Presumably they could sit in
each package ?

e.g. the "Lineart", "Text", "Prompt each time" options might go in a
IOConstants class.

These are not 'constants' - they are UI components that map to Jalview
property file values. The key/values in the .jalview_properties are a

Can also consider using enums for, well, enumerated values.

In these examples, yes.
OutputVectorStyle { LINEART, TEXT, PROMPT } would certainly work.

To make the coding abundantly clear, we'd probably want something like

public enum jalview.properties.OutputVectorStyle extends
jalview.properties.Property {..}

and then typesafe the various Cache.get/set methods.



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