Hello Robert,

Thanks for trying out the new version of Jalview. I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the application.

Can you please try out the following steps for me?

1: Open a new Finder window.
2: Open Applications -> Utilities -> Java -> Java Web Start
3: Under "Java Web Start" menu, select "Preferences"
4: On the "Advanced" tab, make sure the "Show java Console" is ticked.
5: Restart Jalview. - You can use Java Web Start to do this.

This will start the application with an output window, which should give us some clues as to what is going wrong here.

My first guess is that this is a Java 1.4 upgrade issue on the Mac, which may be requiring an additional patch.

Let me know if the above steps gives any additional information.



At 09:20 19/07/2005, you wrote:

   I try to use jalview using a macintosh computer running mac os X (10.2.8) I have updated java 1.4. I can open sequences but nearly immedialty, jalview crashes. Is there something I do wrong ?
I have tried a webstart version. Same problem. jalview 118 seems to work.

prof R. Bellé