Problem with adjusting memory usage on MacOS version

I'm having a problem adjusting the memory settings for Jalview. I'm running Jalview 2.4 on MacOS 10.5.7 (installed using installAnywhere). The program works fine except that I get a low memory error when trying to export to PNG or EPS files. Neither the directory nor the Info.plist file were installed. Am I missing something, or is there another file in the 2.4 version that you need to change to adjust the memory settings?


For reference: Instructions for changing memory settings with MacOS version....

The lines you need to change are in the Info.plist file inside the directory (which is where the installAnywhere installation was made) :
! <string>-Xms2M</string>
! <string>-Xmx64M</string>
Exchange the above two string tags for :

For you information, these are the directories and files that were installed in the Jalview directory:



   Uninstall Jalview








Paul M. Berube
Postdoctoral Associate
Chisholm Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Paul Berube wrote:

Thanks Jim. The first option worked.

The Jalview file is actually a package. Using the "Show package
contents" command brings up the directory containing the Info.plist
file. I made the changes to the memory settings and all seems to be
working well so far.

excellent. Fingers crossed you won't get hit by the Mac java update bug!

happy jalviewing!